QUAKER MEDIA Group is an innovative production company that creates, produces, and syndicates media content across all platforms. Our projects include: feature films (The Mighty Macs), unscripted television shows (Farmers' Almanac TV) and television networks (Tango Traffic and Real Estate on Demand). Our partnerships include: Sony, Comcast, Verizon Fios, Tribune, RFD-TV, RedLasso, TuneIn and Stitcher.

Quaker Media is owned and operated by Tim Chambers and Vince Curran.

fa_logo.jpg "Family-friendly and abounding in uplift, 'The Mighty Macs' is an undemandingly pleasant indie drama"
fa_logo.jpg "It has an innocence that today's movies have almost lost." - Roger Ebert
fa_logo.jpg "The Mighty Macs is impossible to resist" - Critics Pick of the Week
fa_logo.jpg "I would tell every man or woman who coaches to take their team to see what can be accomplished against all odds!" - John Kincade